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VAN Band

VAN gave its first concert on April 1, 2008. Our music is based on own compositions, both instrumental and lyrical songs. Members of the band are: Emese Tóth (vocals), Szabolcs Karácsonyi (electric guitar), András Fábry (bass guitar), Balázs Sándor (drums), Ernő Kiss (cister, tamburine, koboz), Roland Dickmann (flute, medieval bagpipe, acoustic guitar).


The style represented by the band is really close to world music or fusion music. The sound of the band is provided by the psychedelic mixture of progressive rock rhythms and folk melodies. This sound is formulated by the members’ individuality as well as medieval folk musical instruments (paralelly with electric guitar, drums and bass guitar):

- blockflöte: the instrument derives from the 17th century. It is a chromatic, tunable flute type mainly used in baroque and renaissance songs

- folk flutes (Moldavian and Irish flute – low whistle): Moldavian flute is used mainly in Transilvania (Moldva and Gyimes). It is a 6 hole instrument made of fruit wood while the 6 hole Irish flute is made of steel (prefereably tin) and was born in the Celtic culture

- medieval bagpipe: a complex wind instrument incorporating simple reed whistle that is vocalized by a leather bag. Bagpipe is well known from ancient times to nowadays from Europe to Middle-East and North Africa. Beside the reed whistle, the instrument has also 1-2-3 bourdons formulating the bass sounds providing a polyphonic character

- cister: a metal string instrument deriving from the renaissance times. It was a commonly used instrument in barbershops  in the 16. and 18. century England where guests were entertaining while waiting for the service. It is also known as Lutherzither in Germany as Martin Luther is belived to play on this instrument

- koboz: koboz, as a special expression, is commonly used by many nations that indicates a stringed instrument. Nowadays, it has been used to identifiy the lute type instrument of the “Csangos”. The instrument was used in the 19. and 20. century in Moldavia, and South-Transilvania that was ment to replace the heavy dulcimer

On 16th May 2009, the band won the talent program of the Mustárház in Nyíregyháza that provided us the chance to record some of our songs that you can listen to here at our website.

2017. January - VAN has recorded their first album, titled "Forog".

We are really looking forward to meeting you at our concerts!

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